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What do I need to get this plan?
- Fill out application form
- Pay $10.00 inscription fee
- First month
- 1 photo ID - 1 copy ID

Who are we?

The following information is a summary of the main conditions you will find in our medical plan, which has been put together by our company in collaboration with Hospital Chiriqui. This is the best, affordable solution for you, in order to offset the high cost of medical care provided in a private medical facility. This plan is based on easy,

monthly installments, making it available for everyone looking for medical coverage.
This medical plan offers coverage to you, your dependants or associates. The annual coverage of $15,000.00 per affiliate, is
renewable. Our plan provides multiple services such as ambulance, E. R., hospitalization, medical appointments, lab work, X-rays, diagnosis test, elective surgeries, maternity and
intensive care.
E. R. Plan
This plan consist of first aid services provided at the ER to you, your family and associates 24/7, at Hospital Chiriqui for a lessen amount every month.


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